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We highly recommend this library. It is currently one of the best Christian resources on the Internet. What makes it even better is the fact that it is all offered free of charge. Free for you, but not free for those who maintain this site as a labor of love for their brothers and sisters worldwide.

This library contains a vast number of resources (sermons - audio & transcripts, articles and devotionals) which were collected during the course of 40 years of pastoral ministry by one of the foremost expository preachers of the 20th century: Ray C. Stedman. Ray C. Stedman goes deep, but in going deep he is never hard to understand. He presents even the most difficult truths in a clear and understandable manner. Are you struggling with one or various issues in your Christian faith, there is a good chance that you will probably find a satisfying answer in this library. It is hard to imagine that you will not be helped by this gifted teacher.

This is what Ray C. Stedmans' friends, who maintain this library, say about its purpose:

"We pray this online library helps you move beyond religion, beyond doctrines, beyond rules, beyond rituals, and into a life-changing experience of being intimately connected with Christ at the very core of your being — for this is authentic Christianity!"