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Pin names designate the day and time of the week when the groups are meeting.

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If you are interested in being a part of a group or if you would like to host a group or lead a group to help others study God’s Word we encourage you to contact pastor(a), or one of the elders of the church.

We would love to help you become part of a group or form a new group.


Listing by day and time of the week

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Day of the week Tuesday
Time 19:00
Life group host Hasiholan/Jaekel
Munich area Orange pin on map, South-East, Neuperlach Süd
Address Gustav-Heinemann-Ring, Munich 81739, Please call host for details
Directions by public transport S-Bahn/U-Bahn Station: Neuperlach Süd, from there take a 10 minutes’ walk, or take a bus (196) to stop: Ludwig-Erhard-Allee (from Neuperlach Süd only 2 stops)


Day of the week Wednesday (beginning in October 2023)
Time 19:30
Life group host Clelland/Leg
Munich area Green pin on map, South-East, Höhenkirchen
Address Rieschbogen 7, Höhenkirchen 85635
Directions by public transport S-Bahn S7 Höhenkirchen (7 min walk from the station)


Day of the week Thursday
Time 19:30
Life group host Seo/Chen
Munich area Blue pin on map, North-East, Alte Heide
Address Domagkstraße 50, 80805 Munich 
Name on doorbell: Seo
Directions by public transport U6 Alte Heide (5 min walk from the Ubahn), Bus: 50, 150 Zaunweg (2 min walk from the stop))


Day of the week Friday
Time and location 10:00
Life group host Mary Clelland
Munich area Lilac pin on map, South-East, various places in Ottobrunn
Directions by public transport This is a Ladies' Bible study, please contact mary.clelland(at)



Day of the week Saturday
Time 10:00
Life group host Matos/Andrade
Munich area Red pin on map, North, Hasenbergl
Address Stanigplatz 8, 2.07 Obergeschoss
Name on doorbell: Oliveira de Matos/Kim
Directions by public transport U2- Hasenbergl (once every 5 -10 minutes), or bus 60 - Dülferstrasse U (stop Stanigplatz - once every 10-20 min)