Martyn Lloyd-Jones

All sermons offered by the MLJ Trust USA are now freely available for download as long as the copyright guidelines are observed. There is no need for registering on the website. Neither is there a limit on the number of sermons that can be downloaded. The funding of this ministry is solely dependent on donations by its users.

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The MLJ Sermons app connects you to the preaching ministry of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Lloyd-Jones was a Welsh Protestant minister, preacher and medical doctor who was influential in the Reformed wing of the British evangelical movement in the 20th century. Dr. Lloyd-Jones preached over 1,600 sermons and the complete catalog of his messages are available for streaming through this app.

The following is an excerpt from an e-mail sent by the new operators of the MLJ audio library. It explains the new operating principles for ministry of the MLJ Trust USA.

Dear Friend,

 ... As of today (Thursday 20th December 2012), the wonderful Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recordings Trust in the UK is ending its 30 year ministry (including the Audio Library), and we here in the United States at the MLJ Trust will be taking over responsibility for the 1,600 sermons and producing the weekly sermon broadcasts for Oneplace and other radio stations.

... What this means going forward is that as of later today ..., our website ( will be re-launched with the 1,600 sermons, and we will now be responsible for all the costs of maintaining this new site and paying for the downloads, as the sermons will remain free. That is a major change in expense for us, and comes on top of the expense of creating the new site. We do believe that it pleases God for us to continue this work, and so it is our prayer that the Lord will lead enough of our subscribers to donate to this work that we can continue this mission of free sermons for the next 30 years.

As a result of this, there will be some policy changes for all those who will be accessing the sermons. As we are a volunteer group, we can no longer be in the business of making and shipping CDs, but we are well aware that for many of our brothers and sisters (and particularly the elderly), the internet is a challenging source for accessing sermons, so to make up for this, we are instituting the following changes as of today that we hope will please our subscribers:

  1. While all 1,600 sermons are still subject to copyright protection, as of today there is no need to ask our permission to forward a sermon to another person, burn a CD for another person (or congregation), or broadcast a sermon as long as you agree to the following three conditions

    • The sermons will never be sold or used for any commercial purpose (free is free)

    • The sermons will not be edited in any way (either for use as "clips" or edited down for length) - If the sermon is to be used or forwarded, it will be in its entirety

    • The person forwarding, passing on, or broadcasting the sermon to another party will make that the person receiving the sermon is aware of these three conditions and agrees to them

  2. There is now no limit on the number of sermons you can download each week from the sermon library. Initially, there will be no need to sign in and you will be able to download one sermon at a time as many times as you like (we will be providing a "cart"  solution in the next few weeks)

We are greatly hoping that this open approach will make up for the fact that the MLJ Trust is now a purely volunteer organization with a very simple mission: To make as many of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones's sermons as possible available to as many people as possible for the least expense possible at no cost to the user.

... As a reminder, the MLJ Trust is 501 (c) (3) charitable organization consisting of four Board members who volunteer their time, and no staff. You can learn more about us at

 ... Thank you again for your interest in the Ministry of Martyn Lloyd-Jones!

Every blessing,

Jonathan Catherwood